Teddy Fisher Baits was first created in 1990 and introduced to the European Angling Market in 1998 by Polish Angler Tadeusz Świerdza (Also known as Ted) the first mix to hit the shelves was the Mirox Secret blend.

Ted had been blending various cereals and confectionary with great success for many years, but decided to share his secrets and take his recipes to the mass markets teaming up with various Polish bait manufacturers over a number of years.

Within no time at all Ted’s premium cereal-based mixes were yielding bumper coarse fish catches across Poland, Germany and Switzerland, with fans as far west as France and as far south as Portugal.

In 2012 Ted moved to the UK and although commercial fisheries were all the rage here, there was still a place in the market for Natural non-fishmeal based ground baits and additives, so Ted launched with his range. Success was quickly achieved with teams in the Angling Trust Winter league using the baits to great effect on the tough northern circuit.

Since then, a change of Management and a full re-brand to Teddy Fisher has opened up our business to begin supplying different parts of the UK angling scene and the different demands.

We have a full specialist section with Boilies, Pellets, Boosters and Groundbaits aimed at the carp and barbel anglers.

New for 2021 we created fishmeal and pellet based Groundbait mixes “Rival” and “eXcite” to cater for those anglers targeting heavily stocked commercial fisheries.

We wanted to offer an alternative range of pellets to the two standard manufacturers which supply the vast majority of UK bait firms. We now have interesting and unique flavours such as Redworm, Tiger Nut, Hemp, Lamprey, Squid and Octopus.

Whether targeting large carp on a commercial fishery in a margin, long range feeder fishing on a reservoir for bream, hoping for a double figure barbel on a river, or simply fishing a local lake catching whatever comes along…we have something to help you achieve your fishing goal.

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