Dave Eastwood

Teddy Fisher advocate David Eastwood with full net of bream on the lake bank

Dave Eastwood BIO

Fishing/Media Consultan

An introduction to Dave: 

  • Location: Sleaford, Lincs (Originally from Manchester)
  • How did you get involved with angling? I borrowed my older brothers’ bit of tackle lying in the shed and went on my local Rochdale Canal. I caught a perch next to an overflow with his 10ft Shakespeare rod, a perch bobber float and a red maggot!
  • Favourite Venues: Docklow Pools in Herefordshire, Lindholme Lakes North Lincs and the River Trent.
  • Favourite style of fishing: Paste in the summer for Carp. Stick Float on rivers.  “Wag and Mag” during the winter.
  • Best match weight: 183lb Lindholme lakes – Benny’s (When the F1 Carp were tiny and like Piranha’s!)
  • Biggest Fish: Approx. 50lb Sailfish
  • Angling Heroes: Keith Arthur, Bob Nudd & Kim Milsom
  • Angling Achievements: Numerous Open/Club match  wins. Club Angler of the year finalist. Creator & Host of “Two Pints of Maggots & Packet of hooks – The Fishing podcast. Angling Columnist for Lincolnshire World.
  • Targets for 2022: Learning more creative digital content. Continue interviewing Star Name anglers on my podcast and to consistently frame on matches.
  • Favourite Teddy Fisher Bait: The eXcite & Rival ranges which I briefed/created with the product team. Roach & Lake Groundbait.

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