Josh Scrase

Teddy Fisher advocate Josh Scrase with massive fish on the lake bank

Josh Scrase BIO

Brand Advocate (Specimen Angling)

An introduction to advocate Josh:

  • Location: Stafford
  • How did you start fishing: It started as a child, float fishing with my uncle on his barge. This then led to fishing local pools and waterways catching my first Carp around 8 years old. I then moved on to different disciplines of fishing such as Pole, Feeder and Carp Fishing.
  • Angling Heroes: Graham Marsden, Bob Nudd, Matt Hayes & Jeremy Wade.
  • Biggest Fish: My biggest fish is a bit of an enigma. It was a dark common carp from my local Trent and Mersey Canal, but went well over the maximum of my scales (30lb) so I couldn’t get a true reading. Easily 35-40lb. Roach 3lb 3oz, Bream 7lb 12oz, Chub 5lb 5oz, Dace 1lb, Perch 2lb 6oz, Pike 15lb, Brown Trout 4lb 2oz, Sturgeon 18lb 2oz

  • Favorite Style of Fishing: My passion is Specimen Angling and having the ability as an “All-rounder”Angler. I enjoy seeking out specific species or individual fish from venues. Most of all, I just love anything fishing related.             
  • Favorite Venue: Hopton Pools, Trent & Mersey Canal, River Sow, Bishton pools.                              
  • Favorite Teddy Fisher Bait: Bream and Feeder Groundbait. Squid, Hemp/Halibut and Orange pellets.             
  • Angling Achievements: Consistently beating my own Personal Bests. Had a couple of match records on local venues as a junior.                            
  • Targets for 2022: To continue beating my PBs. Fish more matches. Catch an Eel, Grayling, Catfish and Zander. Finally, to catch a double figure Bream.

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