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Niculae Bogdan

Niculae Bogdan BIO Location: Leicester I learned how to fish at the age of 7, thanks to my father’s guidance. Angling heroes: Dan Mitranescu, the carp angler The largest fish I’ve caught weighed 15.35kg and it was a carp. My…

Jake Whitfields

Jake Whitfields BIO Location: workshop Notts How did you start fishing: started with my dad fishing at 5 years old and got the bug ever since. Angling Heroes: Jamie Hughes, Andy May and Matt Godfrey Biggest Fish: 16lb 6 mirror carp…

Daniel Grabowski

Daniel Grabowski BIO Scotland Nationality Polish Fishing Wild water Lakes Reservoir Canals Method of fishing Feeder,Method,Whip

Augustin Sanduc

Augustin Sanduc BIO Location: Coventry (originally from Romania) How did you get involved with angling? I started fishing with my dad when I was 6 on small rivers, float fishing Favourite Venues: Albans Lakes St. Albans (Willows Lake) Favourite style of…

Stuart Preece

Stuart Precce

Stuart Preece BIO Brand Advocate An introduction to advocate Stuart: Telford on canals manly Angling hero Jan porter Biggest fish double figure carp out of Apley pool Favourite method feeder using Tri-Cast rods Favourite venue Bolingey Cornwall Winner of the…

Gabriel Rapciuc

Teddy Fisher advocate Gabriel Rapciuc with massive fish on the lake bank

Gabriel Rapciuc BIO Brand Advocate (Match Fishing) An introduction to Gabriel: Location: Wellington, I’m from Botosani, Romania. How did you get involved with angling? I started fishing with my father when I was 5years old , but nothing serious. but…

Lee Pendleton

teddy fisher Advocate LEE PENDLETON on the bank

Lee Pendleton BIO Name/Nickname:Lee Pendleton / Lee Pod An introduction to Lee: Location:Langold Worksop Notts How did I start fishing: Started fishing at a young age with my Dad and Grandad on the Retford canal.Then started fishing junior matches on…

Luke Caton

Luke Caton BIO Brand Advocate (Specimen Angling) An introduction to Luke: Location: Shropshire Float Fishing with friends during school holidays Rod Hutchinson, Kevin Nash, Terry Hearn Catfish at 92lb Specimen angling Overgrown neglected/ forgotten lake’s Double figure barbel, 40lb carp,…

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