Attractants | Boosts | Carp

  • Attractants | Boosts attracts fish from a far distance and keeps them in your swim. 
  • Due to the strength of our attractors you only need to add a small amount to your mix.
  • The component range offers something different in your groundbait mixes than standard particles. 
  • They are powerful boosts and just a handful of Concentrix, Roasted Hemp, Honey Gingerbread or Groundbait Spice will enrich and hold fish over the groundbait mix for longer.

Attractants (400g)

  • We recommend 20% (100 grams) of concentrix to 2-3kg of groundbait mix.

Boosts – Components (400g) 

  • We recommend 15% (60 grams) of any component to 2-3kg of groundbait mix.
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