Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge

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Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge is a liquid fishing attractant infused with natural bloodworm scent and attractant powder, creating an enticing aroma and a vibrant, smoky cloud underwater to draw fish in.

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Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge – the perfect liquid attractant for serious anglers looking to enhance their bait’s appeal. Infused with natural bloodworm extract and premium-grade fluorescein, this innovative formula is designed to create an irresistible attraction for fish in all water conditions.

Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge emits a powerful, enticing scent of bloodworm that fish find hard to resist, while the attractant powder generates a vibrant, visually appealing cloud underwater. This combination stimulates both the olfactory and visual senses of your target species, increasing your chances of a successful catch.

This attractant boasts a thicker viscosity, making it ideal for application on the skin of your bait. Whether you’re fishing in freshwater or commercial water, the Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge clings securely to your bait, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness even during casting. It can also be mixed into spod mixes and groundbait to enhance attraction and create a descending cloud in the water column.

The 100ml bottle comes with a convenient nozzle for easy application, even into PVA bags, and features a screw twist top to prevent any spillages. Elevate your fishing game with Bloodworm Booster Smoke Gunge – the liquid attractant that combines the power of scent and sight to draw fish in from far and wide.

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