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 Match Special, Groundbait Carp, Attractor Carp, 2 mm Spicy Squid Pellets, Scopex Booster

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A roasted, balanced groundbait composition. Rich in essential particles increasing the luring effect and satisfying the high requirements of a large shoal of fish.    

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1 × CARP
This Groundbait is blended from natural particles and grains with the aim of holding large shoals of Carp for long periods.  

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Our additives are designed to compliment all our Groundbaits, Pellets or Boilies. They are highly concentrated so a small amount will last a long time.    Top tip: 20% Additive to 3kg of groundbait. 

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1 bag of Match Special

1 bag of Carp

1 bag of Attractor Carp

1 bag of 2 mm Spicy Squid Pellets

1 Scopex Booster

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Dimensions 40 × 30 × 10 cm


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