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Adapted mainly to attract and hold large groups of bream and skimmers , but it will also work well with other species, such as carp or roach.    

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The ultimate versatile groundbait suitable for all species and venues. Just add more water to the mix to increase the coarseness for deeper waters or for the method feeder.

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This Groundbait is blended from natural particles and grains with the aim of holding big fish for long periods.

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1 × LAKE
A refined light mix containing various processed grains and natural flavours. 

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Designed to enhance existing bream groundbaits. Particularly useful on large waters and rivers where you need to "draw" the fish to your area. Brilliant in match fishing situations where the angler needs to attract fish from their competitors peg.

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Attractor Vanilla - Use as an alternative to Maize/Sawdust in Maggots and Pinkies. Can be added to any groundbait. 

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