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Roasted Hemp 2mm micro pellets wide range of interesting flavours can be fed on a pole line or added to a method / hybrid feeder.

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Roasted Hemp Micro Pellets – 2mm

The micro pellets contain the perfect balance of attraction and nutrition for all coarse species.

Simply Soak your micro pellet of choice for 2 minutes and allow them to absorb the moisture for around 20 minutes.

Our wide range of interesting flavours like Halibut, Krill, Orange, Red Worm, Octopus-Squid, Tiger nuts can be fed on a pole line or added to a method/hybrid feeder.

These pellets are suitable as a loose feed or as an addition to ground bait, they are also small enough to be stuck to a glugged hook bait.

Please see our feed pellets.


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Dimensions 20 × 34 cm


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