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Specially designed for use in flowing waters. The mix has a sticky consistency, so it does not wash out easily from the feeder and is perfect for balling in.

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A dark blend of coarse fine ingredients. Can be used on all canal venues, silty venues and attracts all species. 

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Works well and has a sweet and spicy taste that Roach and Bream find irresistible. Red color is suited to the warmer months. It will work well with both float and feeder techniques.

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A very fine dark coloured groundbait to be used on high pressured venues and match fishing situations. 

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Designed to enhance existing bream groundbaits. Particularly useful on large waters and rivers where you need to "draw" the fish to your area. Brilliant in match fishing situations where the angler needs to attract fish from their competitors peg.

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Chocolate - Devastating all year round and particularly good for carp in winter.

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