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Natural color is universal for virtually any time of the year, the groundbait itself will explode well from the feeder when it reaches the bottom. Recommended to rub it through a sieve to obtain the desired fluffiness.

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A roasted, balanced groundbait composition. Rich in essential particles increasing the luring effect and satisfying the high requirements of a large shoal of fish.    

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It is a special mix of natural ingredients, composed especially for match fishing on natural venues or commercials which are highly pressured. Works well in a 50/50 mix with pellets, with Method and other feeder techniques.  

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It has a sweetish aftertaste that is especially suited to bream. Perfect for both feeder and float techniques, it will also work well when fishing in the margin on commercials.

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Ground and roasted hemp is a great additive to roach as well as most carp fish.

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Exceptional additives which can be used to boost bland hookbaits or boost groundbait mixes when a shoal may have moved away from the feed.

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