Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke Gunge

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Experience the unmatched allure of our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE and take your fishing adventures to new heights. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your bait with squid and the irresistible scent of ripe blueberries – order yours today and reel in your biggest catch yet!

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Embark on a tantalising fishing adventure with our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE. Crafted with precision and expertise, this 100 ml bottle combines the rich essence of squid with the sweet allure of blueberries, creating an irresistible blend that freshwater species simply can’t resist.

Enhanced Attraction:
Infused with a potent combination of natural attractants, our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE emits a captivating smoke cloud in the water, drawing in fish from far and wide. The enticing scent and flavour profile stimulate fish visually and instinctually, triggering a feeding frenzy like no other.

Thicker Viscosity, Easy Application:
Designed with a thicker viscosity, our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE is perfect for coating hookbaits, PVA bags, Method feeders, and more. Its unique consistency ensures secure adhesion, even during casting, allowing you to fish with confidence and precision.

Versatile Use:
Not limited to hookbaits, our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE can also be added to spod mixes and groundbait, enhancing attraction and creating a tantalizing cloud of scent and flavor in the water column. Whether you’re fishing in lakes, rivers, or ponds, this versatile liquid attractant is your key to success.

Unleash Your Potential:
Experience the difference that our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE can make in your fishing endeavors. Elevate your catch rate and reel in trophy fish with ease. Whether you’re a seasoned angler or just starting out, our Squid & Blueberry Booster Smoke GUNGE is sure to take your fishing game to new heights.

Discover More:
Explore our full range of GUNGE Booster Smoke flavors and find the perfect complement to your fishing arsenal. Try full range of Liquid Attractants Booster Smoke GUNGE today and discover the difference it makes in your fishing experience!

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