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Our company specialises in the manufacture of fishing groundbait and additives. We combine a 40-year-old proven fish catching recipe and the experience of our skilled team. Fishing is an adventure and here at Teddy Fisher we strive to make that adventure a success! Our goal is to create baits with passion and commitment to an incredibly high standard. We always aim to give old and new customers great services too.

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Our unique blended mixture is created based on over 40 years’ worth of bait blending experience. Teddy Fisher is tested across UK and European Waters and It has a perfect aroma, with rich and enticing ingredients. Teddy Fisher groundbait creates a “cloud” of particles which draws in fish from all over your swim and entices the fish to feed.

All our products are made in the UK and EU with passion and to the highest standards.

Teddy Fisher Animal Feed Reg. GB/880/R057

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