Introducing the Gunge Booster Smoke range – a game-changer for anglers seeking to enhance their fishing experience. Crafted with precision and powered by innovative technology, our liquid attractant is infused with tantalising flavours, setting it apart from traditional options.

Additionally, this Gunge Smoke emits an appealing smell, creating a vibrant cloud in the water. Teddy Fisher created this liquid from an innovative combination of attractors, perfect for all fishing conditions.

Moreover, the Gunge Smoke boasts a thicker viscosity, making it ideal for bait application, providing secure attachment during casting across various fishing setups.

Furthermore, Gunge varies in thickness, with the thickest types dispersing properly in water to create an attractive cloud. They can also enhance attraction and generate a descending cloud in the water column when mixed into spod mixes and groundbait.

What truly makes Gunge Booster Smoke exceptional is its unique ability to unleash a captivating smoke cloud in the water, drawing in fish from even the most elusive hiding spots. The aromatic blueberry scent permeates the depths, triggering the instinctual curiosity of target species and enticing them to strike with unparalleled ferocity.

Each bottle of Gunge Booster Smoke is 100 ml and comes with a convenient nozzle for easy application, even into PVA bags. Additionally, it features a screw twist top to avoid spillages.

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